payment of gratuity interest court order 2022 : ग्रेच्युटी के ब्याज का भुगतान न करना पड़ा भारी, बीएसए गोरखपुर हाईकोर्ट की अवमानना के घेरे में, एक माह में निर्णय लेने का आदेश

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Court No. - 5
Case :- CONTEMPT APPLICATION (CIVIL) No. - 5514 of 2021

Applicant :- Shital Prasad Mishra
Opposite Party :- Ramendra Kumar, District Basic Education And 2 Others
Counsel for Applicant :- Kamal Kumar Kesherwani
Counsel for Opposite Party :- Abhishek Goswami,Yatindra

Hon'ble Saral Srivastava,J.
Pursuant to the Court's order dated 30.03.2022, opposite party no.1-District Basic Education Officer, Gorakhpur is present before this Court and filed personal affidavit which is taken on record.

According to opposite party, the principal amount of gratuity has been released but interest has not been released.

Hence, the order of Writ Court has not been complied with in letter and spirit. Accordingly, one more opportunity is granted to the opposite party to comply with the order of Writ Court within a period of four weeks from today.

In case, the order of Writ Court is not complied with by the next date in letter and spirit, the Court may proceed to frame charge against the opposite party for violating the Writ Court order dated 09.02.2021 passed in Writ-A No.10722 of 2020.

List on 04.05.2022. On which date, opposite party no.1 shall remain present before this Court.
Order Date :- 4.4.2022

Writ-A No.10722 of 2020 का हाईकोर्ट निर्णय 👇